These two tickets were the property of William A. "Wild Bill" Hitchcock, a pilot in the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron during World War II. If you can identify their particular use, please forward a message to Nolan Bailey - Webmaster. (Memorabilia courtesy of Mrs. William A. "Genevieve" Hitchcock.)






09 March 2002

The ticket on the right side of the picture could be bought for five lire at the Red Cross Officers Club in Barberini (possibly not spelled correctly) Piazza in Rome. It was imprinted "A nibble for a nickel," and bought a scoop of peanut flavored ice cream and a couple of cookies. The snack bar was downstairs in the (former) hotel that was used as a Red Cross club for officers at least during the time I was with the 18th Squadron at Ciampino -- 1 November, 1944 to 9 January, 1945, when we moved north to Rosignano Airfield. I suspect that a bunch have identified the ticket with Romulus and Remus nursing their foster mother. I have a copy of this ticket, I have never seen the other one, however.

Jeff, Pilot, 18th TCS, 64th Group, WW-II

Thomas B. Jefferson
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02 August 2002

The two tickets are from two different bars or pubs, managed by A.R.C., the first in Florence and the second in Rome. The tickets were used as "local" currency, and were reserved to personnel of US Armed Forces stationed in Italy. The one from Rome is securely issued after 4th of June 1944, day of Liberation of the town by the Fifth army of General Mark Clark. They were given at PX's, and frequently were substitued by the most general use Am-Liras. Probably, it is possible to locate the pub in Rome (Most of the pubs managed by ARC were in the center of the town.)

My name is Alex Campagna, and I am writing from a little town, Frosinone, between Cassino and Rome, Italy. I am also vice-president of the Ass'n "BATTAGLIA DI CASSINO" - Centro Studi e Ricerche. We research and publish about WWII in our area. Personally I am an honorary member of various US & British Veteran Associations.

Presently, I am researching about a parachutist operation led on 4th of June 1944 by men of 6th British. Parachutist Battalion. They were transported by 11 Dakotas of the U.S. 62nd Troop Carrier Group (this group was formed in May 1944 by 7th, 8th, and 51st Troop Carrier Squadrons, for a total of 39 Dakotas I/II). Unfortunately, at the moment, I haven't found much about this group of 11 planes from 62nd Troop Carrier Group. It could be very appreciated if you should indicate me sources suitable for my research.

I will be honored if you should decide to visit our, also if in Italian: <>

Best Regards,

Alessandro Campagna

Vice- Pres. Ass. BATTAGLIA DI CASSINO" - Centro Studie Ricerche
Via Castelmassimo, 595
03029 Veroli (FR), ITALY

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