The Dreaded Alcan Highway in 1964






Canadian Customs at Beaver Creek in April of 1964.  Dewey Palmer’s red Chevrolet is in foreground, and Nolan Bailey’s red 1962 Buick Special is next to the yellow moving van.  Even though the Firebirds had been briefed that pistols could be carried through Canada in a locked and sealed container, it was not true.  Nolan had to find a post office and ship several revolvers and pistols to himself at Elmendorf.

In 1964, the Alaska Highway (Alcan) was 1,187 miles of gravel road.   The Milepost was used to plan gasoline and  lodging stops along the way. 


Many of the  Firebirds had never seen mountains, from  ground level,  before moving to Alaska.  Some had never seen this much snow at one time. 


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