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  C-130D Departs DYE II - Aircraft Commander Bill Bless and Crew

  Iron Mike Kidnapped by 17th TCS - Where is the Mascot of the 317th FIS? (100K)

  Greenland Ice Cap DYE Site - (136K)

  Aero Commander Rescue - Dye III (100K)

  Mike Nash, Bill Bless, and Crew - (104K)

  Firebird Group Photo 1 - October 6, 1965 (48K)

  Firebird Group Photo 2 - October 6, 1965 (52K)

  Firebird Group Photo 3 - October 6, 1965 (64K)

  Firebird Group Photo 4 - October 6, 1965 (55K)

  Firebird Group Photo 5 - October 6, 1965 (19K)

  PDF File of Entire Squadron  - October 6, 1965 

  Firebird Crew Members at Blue Ice Site - (06-15-96)

  C-130D Painting - Gift to Guy E. Ridgeway...Artist Ken Barker (06-18-96)

  WW II Pilots and Navigators - 17th Troop Carrier Squadron (135K) (06-22-96)

  After Hours WW II - 17th TCS Officers Relaxing After a Long Day (06-22-96)

  17th TCS Patch - Original Squadron Patch From World War II (06-23-96)

  CBI & USAAF Patches - Original 17th TCS Patches from WW II (July 9, 1996)

  JATO Takeoff on Ice Cap - The Dangers of Flying in Greenland (July 17, 1996)

  517th Airlift Squadron Patch - Evolution of the Firebird Emblem (July 17, 1996)

  517th Airlift Squadron Scarf - Scarf Authorized for Current Firebirds (July 17, 1996)

  Ice Cap DYE Sites - Remote Radar Sites in Greenland (July 18, 1996)

  Herky Bird in Retirement - Tail Number 70-493 in Storage at Pima Air Museum (July 18, 1996)

  Ice Cap Engine Change - C-130 Loses Number Four Engine on Takeoff (July 18, 1996)

  Close Shave For Hitchcock - Crew Members Improvise in WW II. (July 30, 1996)

  Alaska ANG C-123 on Floats? - Operation "Cool Rope" (October 7, 1996)

  Firebird Bags Brown Bear - Bear hunt on Kodiak Island in 1966 (Nov. 25, 1996)

  C130D in Storage - Ski-bird photograph taken in 1986 at Davis-Monthan (Dec. 22, 1996)

  Drooped Main Ski - Greenland Ice Cap in 1967. (Dec. 24, 1996)

  Greenland DYE Site - Photograph by Nolan Bailey in 1967 (100K) (March 28, 1997)

  Turning Final at Sondrestrom - Photo by Roy Jared in 1969 (March 29, 1997)

  Forced Landing '69 - Photo by Roy Jared in 1969 (March 29, 1997)

  Firebirds Fishing '69 - Photograph by Roy Jared in 1969 (March 29, 1997)

  Alaskan Ports of Call - Remote sites supported by Firebirds (April 17, 1997)

  Visit to Midway Island - Firebirds meet "gooney birds" in February, 1973 (April 17, 1997)

  Arctic Survival School - Bob Davis sets snare for hare...Roy Jared photo. (April 20, 1997)

  Ski Bird in Peru - Hercules 57-0491 in Lima, Peru. Courtesy of Tom Fabyanic.

  Iron Mike Visits Sondrestrom - Mission Commander's door. (44K) (October 4, 1997-May 1, 1999)

  Bob Hope Meets Firebirds - Sondrestrom AB, Christmas 1961 (296K) (October 25, 1997)

  Marginal Runways in Alaska - Lisburne, Newenham, and Romanzof (August 31, 1998)

  Claxton DZ - Remembering Claxton Drop Zone, Ft. Richardson, Alaska (April 5, 1999)

  Iron Mike Photos - Courtesy of Dave L. "Buck" Buchanan, Firebird Pilot (May 1, 1999)

  Willie the Musk Ox - Nemesis of the Firebirds at Sondrestrom AB, Greenland (May 1, 1999)

  70-490 Incident - Additional photos by Bruce Huff (FE) and Roy Jared (P) (May 2, 1999)

  Firebirds in the 1970's - Photographs by Don Bowers, 17th TAS Pilot (May 20, 1999)

  Gilbertson Photo Album - Photographs by Steve Gilbertson, June 72 - Jun 76 (December 7, 2004)

  Fulton Photo Album - Photos taken by Linzel Fulton in mid to late 1960's. (Dec. 7, 2004)

Jack Cayton Album from the "Ski Bird" years: 1962-68 (May 7, 2005)

  70-495 Accident Photos - Loss of aircraft on 5 July 1972, at DYE III

  Operation Ice Cap 1965 - Bill Deboe and crew show completion graph.

  Buddy Start in 1966 - USAF Photo. Alleged to have been done at Churchill, Canada.

  Rader Photo Album – Photos taken by John Rader, Firebird pilot, 1975-1978.

  70-488, 70-492, and 70-494 Being Scrapped at AMARC – Photos by Richard and Kaye Tinney

  Final Approach to Sondrestrom AB  - Photo of base from final approach taken during 1960’s.

  Winter on the West Ramp at Elmendorf – Photos of  “D” models in snow by Gerry Harris

  Firebird Filming in Kotzebue – Photo taken in “downtown” Kotzebue by Don Wilkerson

*  Prototype C-130 Ski Model on Ice Cap – Photo courtesy of Jim Pirie

*  Ski Model on the Greenland Ice Cap – Photo by former Firebird Pilot Warren Miller                           

 *  Waiting for MaintenanceFirebird crew waiting on West Ramp in 1960’s.  

 *  Firebirds Escort Maj Gen. George A. Carver -  Commanding General of the United States Army, Alaska.

*  Cherry Hill Housing circa 1966.      A “then and now” comparison.

*  The ALCAN in April of 1964       How driving to Alaska used to be.  Road is now called the Alaska Highway.



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