Firebird fishermen from left: Stu Mozeleski, navigator; others unknown.


Photo by Roy Jared, Firebird Pilot, 1969

The Firebirds never missed a chance to go fishing. Around 1966, a flight to Kodiak Island was assigned to a Firebird crew with little notice. The pilot, copilot, and navigator had time to gather together the appropriate flight gear for the island--fishing tackle. However, since the mission was assigned on such short notice, the squadron was unable to contact the engineer and loadmaster and let them know that the salmon were running. Upon arrival at Kodiak, the three crew members with equipment walked over the hill from the ramp to fish. The engineer and loadmaster told everyone not to worry that they had enough work to do other than fishing. After an hour or so, the pilot, copilot, and navigator returned to the airplane to find several large fish in the cargo compartment. They were amazed. The pilot inquired, "How in the devil did you get these fish?" The NCO's replied, "Heck, we just took a couple of brooms down to the creek and swept a few out." Fishing was good in Alaska in the 1960's. (As recalled by Nolan Bailey, Firebird Pilot)

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