Iron Mike Visits Sondrestrom


Photo Courtesy of : David L. "Buck" Buchanan, Firebird Pilot


I was on the aircraft that flew Iron Mike, suitably hidden, to Greenland, after the 17th TAS had kidnapped him from the 317th FIS. Also travelling on that flight was the new 21st Composite Wing commander, a former 317th commander, who was going to fulfill his "be familiar with" duty when the 21st became higher headquarters for both the 17th and the 317th. He had no idea that Iron Mike was on board. When he arrived in Greenland, he got two surprises. First, was a near zero-zero landing on the Icecap (It really impressed that fighter jock!). Second, was finding Iron Mike standing on the snow when he deplaned at the Dye site! (John Root, Firebird Pilot)


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