Cool Mission





Photo by John Rader, 17th TAS Pilot




Cold Bay, Alaska.  RAF exchange pilot, Felix McGuire, put the C-130 right on the numbers at Cold Bay because, in the whiteout, the runway numbers were the only thing that the crew could see at decision height (DH).  A truck was dispatched from the radar site to find the Herk on the runway, and lead us to parking.  The weather was so bad that the driver got lost on the runway, too.  Finally, the site personnel had to search and find the aircraft “on foot’ to prevent an accident.  The weather remained below minimums and forced our crew to RON at Cold Bay.  On the drive from the runway to the radar site, to lodging, we lost the road in the snowstorm.  Finally, all involved were rescued by a tracked vehicle.  (John Rader, 17th TAS Pilot)



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