Light Aircraft Incident




Photo by John Rader, 17th TAS Pilot


This is a common occurrence in Alaska.  Pilots flying in Alaska have a very high fatality rate.  It is estimated that during a pilot’s 30-year career, there is a one in eight chance of one being fatally injured.  This is a Piper PA-18A 150 Super Cub, built in 1959.  This aircraft was departing Elmendorf enroute to Hope, Alaska.  According to the NTSB, the cause of the accident was Pilot error—the pilot in command failed to obtain or maintain flying speed and stalled the aircraft.  The Cub was crunched after the pilot attempted the look around maneuver while navigating in foggy conditions at the Sixmile Strip on Elmendorf AFB.  It made a large divot just a few  yards from the yellow and white C-170 (in background) owned by John Rader and Bill Drasky. 

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