Weekends in Alaska









Passes are a way of life in Alaska flying.  When flying from Anchorage to Lake Iliamna general aviation pilots use the Lake Clark Pass, one of the few passes through the tumultuous icy Alaskan Range of which Mt. McKinley (Denali) is the highest point. Lake Iliamna is the largest lake in Alaska.


When the weather becomes marginal outside of the passes, it becomes dangerous to fly through them. Fog, low clouds, and snow squalls are often encountered.


Photo by John Rader, 17th TAS Pilot


This is the real camping out experience.  Some Firebirds “camped out” in a Winnebago with television, air conditioning, heating, and soft beds--all of the amenities of home.  Others Firebirds really roughed it in a small tent and cooked on a camp stove.  Photo taken at the Igiugig landing strip on Lake Iliamna during a successful fishing trip that took us through Lake Clark Pass…while the pass was officially closed due to weather.  C-170 in background owned by 17th TAS pilot, Terry Wokaty.

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