Listed are World Wide Web sites of possible interest to members of the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron, The Firebird Association, and other aviators. Please send additions to: Firebird Association Webmaster .




Airlifter Home Page - Sam McGowan is a former C-130 crew member and outstanding writer.



The Unofficial VXE-6 Webpage - Webmaster is former VXE-6 LM, Joe Hawkins



C-130 Hercules Headquarters - Superior page on the C-130 and its various missions.



The Smithsonian Museum



The USAF Museum



The Commemorative Air Force - Formerly the Confederate Air Force



National Air and Space Museum



Imphal: The Hump and Beyond - USAAF Combat Cargo Groups of WWII 



National Archives and Records Administration - Source of U.S. Government Records



Military Personnel Records



WW II U.S. Veteran's Homepage



Military Aviation Servers - Excellent source for aviation news...military & civilian



Library of Congress



Dyess AFB History - Home of the Firebirds from 1961 to 1964.



Elmendorf AFB - Home of the Firebirds since 1964.



Smilin' Jack's Airport Page



Manitoba Aviation Page - Canadian Aviation Web Sites, Canadian Weather



American Veterans Confirmation Service - Find Veterans and Associations



Sam's C-130 Page - Historical & informational page on C-130 and its various missions



Pima Air and Space Museum - Current home of C-130D (70-493).



Cape Newenham, Alaska - Home of the USAF 794th AC&W and White Alice



The Aviation Zone











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