C-130D Departs Greenland Dew Line DYE Site







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Flying the C-130D on the Greenland Ice Cap requires special skills and techniques. The high altitudes at which the DYE sites are located reduces engine performance by 35 percent. Lift also suffers. Ski landings are similar to normal landings. However, takeoffs on skis are another matter. Skill is required to keep the aircraft lined up on the runway. Because of the friction of the skis on the snow, the runs are longer, especially on warmer days when the surface is softer. Under "sticky snow" conditions, JATO bottles were often used to literally blast the aircraft off the snow. (88) The aircraft pictured above is using eight bottles to assist in takeoff. (Photo courtesy of the 109th TAG, New York Air National Guard.)

88. E. "Marty" Martines, "Aerial Snowmobiles," Airmen Magazine, Nov. 64.