Each member of the Firebird crew received a letter of appreciation similar to the one below. Crew members were Gary G. Lattin (Aircraft Commander), Nolan W. Bailey (Copilot), Life N. Dove (Navigator), Ernest O. Williams (Flight Engineer), and Hubert G. Smiley, Jr. (Loadmaster).





4 JAN 1966


Letter of Appreciation

First Lieutenant Nolan W. Bailey
17th Troop Carrier Squadron
APO Seattle 98742

1. During the period 24 October through 31 October 1965 you participated in Project LONG SHOT, a DOD sponsored underground nuclear detonation at Amchitka Island, Alaska. During this period you were assigned to the Air Force Special Weapons Center Detachment 2 Provisional (AFSC) as a C-130 co-pilot.

2. This assignment required extremely long working hours under difficult and adverse environmental conditions. Your diligent and professional attention to duty contributed materially to the overall success of Project Long Shot. Your efforts, together with those of your co-workers, has enabled the Department of Defense to substantially increase its effects knowledge as pertains to seismic identification of underground nuclear detonations.

3. Please accept my sincere appreciation for a job "well done." Your outstanding performance of duty reflects credit upon yourself and the United States Air Force.



Deputy, Nuclear Field Operations