The transportation of people and materials was a complex process. For example, the structural steel was fabricated in the U.S. by American Bridge, shipped to a sea port, loaded on a ship, sailed to Sondrestrom AB (BW-8), unloaded from the ship, loaded on a truck, hauled to a the contractors yard, unloaded, separated for Dye 2 and Dye 3, loaded on pallets (size and weight had to meet the requirements of the aircraft), pallets loaded on a truck, pallets hauled to a C130, pallets loaded on the plane, aircraft flown to Dye 2, and unloaded.

Photo by Bill Lane, Engineer, 1960




Photograph by Bill Lane, 1959


All materials, people, etc. had to be loaded at Sondrestrom (BW8) onto the C130's and flown to Dye 2 on the Greenland Ice Cap.  Note the ski-equipped landing gear.  The USAF unit responsible for this airlift was the 61st Troop Carrier Squadron stationed at Sewart AFB, Tennessee, and commanded by Lt. Col. Wilbert Turk.







Loaded C-130D enroute to Greenland DYE site.  Note skis on bottom of aircraft for landing on snow.


Photo by Richard Wright, 61st TCS




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