Fox and Hare Club Burns

Photo by Don Wilkerson, Firebird Pilot, October 1964

A crowd gathered to watch the Fox and Hard Officer's Club be consumed by fire in October of 1964. Just to the left of the burning club is the Sondrestrom Officer's Mess.

Upon returning from a flight to the Ice Cap, a firebird crew arrived at the Arctic Hotel BOQ around 5:00 p.m. and could see that a crowd was gathering to watch flames shooting from the top of the Fox and Hare club. The crew joined the crowd and began to sing the Firebird's unofficial theme song, "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Low and behold, the person standing just in front of this jovial group was the Sondrestrom Base Commander. He turned around, very p---ed off, and said, "I don't think that's very funny." Needless to say, the "Birds" dispersed and faded into the Arctic darkness. (As related by Bill Zerson, Firebird Navigator.)

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