Cargo Ship at Sondrestrom

Photo by Richard Wright, Green Hornet and Firebird Navigator, circa September 1962

One of the most awaited events at Sondrestrom was for the ice to melt in the fjord, and to have the cargo ships arrive in port. The Sondrestrom "Navy" (surplus landing craft) would meet the ship and bring the cargo to shore. On board would be the Base Exchange merchandise for the next year that the crews would spend most of their money on during every TDY. To help relieve boredom, it became a daily routine a make a trip or two to the Base Exchange. Thousands were spent on liquor, Nikon cameras, Noritake china, Holmegaard handblown glassware, Browning pistols, Browning shotguns, silverware, Rolex watches, Danish sweaters, stereo equipment, fishing gear, jewelry, and numerous other items. One could "go broke" saving money in Sondy.

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