Firebird Lapel Pins


Cloisonne' Lapel Pins

A Firebird Association signature pin was designed by Gary Lattin for the 1998 Biloxi reunion. This is the basic lapel pin offered for sale by the Association and resembles the squadron patch that was worn on the flight suit and other articles of clothing.

This custom designed emblem has been attractively reproduced in hard fired (cloisonne’) enamel which is the traditional method of producing lapel pins. In this process a hardened steel die is cut from a black & white design. Copper or brass pieces are then stamped out and the recessed areas are filled with hard enamel or cloisonne colors. Cloisonne’ is a colored paste made from finely ground glass mixed with powdered dies. After each color is applied, the pins are then baked at 1500 degrees farenheit to produce a hard, mirror-like, smooth enamel finish. The next step involves hand polishing with carborundum and pumice stones to produce the highest degree of smoothness. The final step in the production is plating which uses gold, silver, or black plate. The hard enamel or cloisonne’ process assures a lovely and colorful jewelry-like pin which is resistant to scratching.







Gold Rimmed Lapel Pin -

The metal showing around the edge of the pin and the emblem is a gold color.





PRICE REDUCTION: The Firebird Association is currently pricing the Cloisonne' pins at $3.00 per pin plus $3.00 per order for packing materials and postage.  The $3.00 charge for packaging and shipping covers ones total order of caps, patches, decals, money clips, etc. The more one orders, the more they save on postage.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $5.00. Several hundred were sold at the Biloxi, Branson, and Galveston reunions. Get your pins today while they are still in stock.

Make checks out to the "Firebird Association" and mail them to:

Bruce Huff
Firebird Association

9206 Willowview Ln
Houston, TX 77080
(713) 827-7975

*For additional information please contact Bruce -


Historical Firebird Pin

The Firebird Association once offered a unique and distinctive gold squadron pin, first made available in Alaska in 1966, designed by the original artist of the Firebird emblem, Gary Lattin.

Photo by Nolan Bailey


Additional view of the Firebird pin described above.




This is the original Firebird charm designed by Gary Lattin in Alaska during 1966 for the wives. It can be modified and refined to look more like the Firebird shown below. As a pin, it would be most appropriate for those Firebirds who did not crew the ski version of the C-130.



The above historical pins are not available due to the death of Gary Lattin.  They are being presented as guides for future Firebird pins.