Project Blue Ice, a seismological study conducted by the USAF's Office of Aerospace Research, began on June 19, 1966. On that date, two 17th Troop Carrier Squadron C-130Ds airlifted twelve scientists and technicians with their supplies to the site that the 1953 British North Greenland Expedition had established in the north central part of the Greenland Ice Cap (78N - 40W). The airlift was completed on June 24th and the expedition camp, named Inge Lehman after the Danish seismologist, was established. During the time Blue Ice was conducted, the 17th TCS/TAS flew missions to resupply the site. In token of their appreciation, the expedition members presented the flight crews with special distinctive Blue Ice patches (above).104 (Excerpt: John H. Cloe, C-130D Support of the Greenland Ice Cap Sites, January 1978).