Your site is hereby awarded The Wizard's Apprentice's Award for CONTENT!

You have been awarded this award due to having extremely interesting content on your web page. And, that places your site among the very best on the net.

With your content you have provided information to enlighten and educate the peoples of this earth in a way that in the long run will provide us all with a higher degree of freedom. You content is well considered and inspiring.

People around the world will want to not only visit your page, but also bookmark it and come back again and again to find out what you might have added since the last visit.

Therefore, I'm very pleased to offer you this award. I have reviewed your homepage and am proud to annnounce that you have won my Silver Award for Content!

Although I have no connection to either the army, WWII or Vietnam, I can appreciate and admire somebody creating a site for those who gave their time, effort, and sometimes their life as well, to something they believed in.

Jesper Christensen,
Copenhagen, Denmark
September 15, 1996

We have decided that your site deserves BPEG's "Best of the Best" Enter-net-Link Award for outstanding homepages.

It is imaginative, interesting, and should be seen by others surfing the web.

So that your site might gain more recognition, we are offering to you BPEG's "Best of the Best" Award.

Home pages are a personal subject. They reveal a lot about the person behind them. It is also gratifying to know that others appreciate your hard work.

In acknowledgment to all of the hard and tedious work that goes into a homepage, this award is given to those who have invested numerous hours in order to give to the world a part of themselves.

Thank you for giving the Internet community a piece of yourself.


John Hoita (Webmaster - SOS Internet Corporation)

Jim Norman (Host of the Link O' Matic)

September 17, 1996

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