Congratulations on the award ...or what to say!
September 17, 1996

Thank you for inviting me to your pages. I have to say that I am in awe at your ability to create a clean, easy to navigate site that is not only informative but also shows "spirit".

In honor of the "spirit" shown in your pages, I am awarding you "The Lady's Spirit Award of Honor" for September 1996. I am giving you this award "In the Spirit of Pride and Service to our Country".


September 21, 1996

Hi! I especially like your page - my husband passed away 2 years ago yesterday from cancer. He was in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Angel's Peak for three years while he overlooked the Nevada Test Site…which was actively testing then.

So you can see why I'm interested in these kinds of things.


Cecilia Price
Picture Perfect Studio
September 28, 1996

I do not just give out my award, I present it to those that I feel have worked hard on their web sites and have achieved a web site worth visiting.

Congratulations on winning HeyYouSir's Seal of Approval! You have worked hard on your web site and it shows...

June 8, 1997

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