• A 3rd Wing team, comprised of members of the 517th Airlift Squadron and the 3rd Transportation Squadron, is currently competing in Rodeo '98 at McChord AFB, Washington.
  • The competition brings together 75 teams and 2,500 people from air mobility forces around the world to compete in events that test their readiness and abilities.
  • The competition runs from June 20-27 and awards will be announced June 26.
  • Rodeo showcases airdrop, air refueling, aeromedical evacuation, security forces competition, short filed landings and related ground operations, and provides an opportunity for the best aerial refuelers and airlifters to demonstrate capabilities, improve procedures, compare notes, and enhance standardization for worldwide operations
  • The Elmendorf Team will be competing in the following areas:
  • Maintenance - Evaluators determine maintainers' ability to keep command aircraft ready to meet operational commitments.
  • Aerial Port - Teams must ensure equipment and supplies are loaded safely and quickly for airdrop or transport.
  • Airdrops - Crews are scored on timing and accuracy for releasing three different personnel and equipment loads over a drop zone.
  • Shortfield Landings - Aircrews are tested on their ability to land on short airfields.

Team Members are:

  • Team Chief, Maj. Neil Friedli
  • Pilot, Capt Bob Price
  • Co-pilot, Capt Rick Wells
  • Navigator, Capt Curtis Milam
  • Flight Engineer, SSgt Steven Ploense
  • Loadmaster SrA Kevin Murray
  • Loadmaster SrA Boris Brink
  • Maintenance Chief, MSgt John Kimball

Maintenance Team:

  • TSgt Edward Guilliams
  • SSgt Gregory Bachand
  • SSgt Michael McMullan
  • TSgt Wilkie Thompson
  • SSgt Jason Crowder
  • SrA Thomas Neville
  • SSgt Gary Jarvis
  • Sra Eric Hauk
  • SrA Aaron Hager
  • ERO Team Chief, TSgt Gregory Cannon
  • SSgt Richard Gassner
  • A1C Daniel Roberts
  • Amn Robert Thurman
  • SrA Edwin Carlson
  • JAI Chief, SSgt David Puerner
  • JAI Team, SSgt Jeffrey Begley
  • Public Affairs, MSgt Darla Ernst

3 WG/PA, Captain Angela L. Hicks, (907) 552-8151