Release #98-12-05

Dec. 28, 1998



Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska - The 517 Airlift Squadron recently delivered food, educational supplies and toys to Vashraii K'oo, an isolated Alaska village located 75 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

The squadron has been making the annual trek since 1967, when the Athabascan village lost it's primary source of food. The Porcupine caribou changed its migratory trek that year due to forest fires. The Air Force responded to the villager's call for help and flew the village hunters to the herd and back with their meat.

Today, food, clothing, toys and supplies are donated and bought by 517th squadron members and local businesses. The "Arctic Firebirds" fly the supplies to the village aboard a C-130, and enjoy a day of festivities with the villagers.


Electronic images available. For more information, contact Lt Richard Johnson or Master Sgt. Jon Scudder at 552-8151.

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