This roster lists all personnel who are known to be, or have been, members of the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron, the 17th Tactical Airlift Squadron, or the 517th Airlift Squadron. Other persons eligible to join this association and be listed are all Firebirds and those who served in the 61st Troop Carrier Squadron, Navy VXE-6, and/or the 109th TAG, and flew the Lockheed C-130D or LC-130 aircraft. For other ways to join the Firebird Association, visit the Firebird Association menu and view by-laws. Addresses and phone numbers, although available in certain instances, are not listed in order to protect the privacy of those involved. Please forward corrections, new addresses, additional names, wives names, and comments to the address listed at the bottom of the home page (or e-mail them to Nolan Bailey –

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Last Name--------First Name---------M.I.


Acee, Richard "Ace" (Crewed 70-490 & 70-491: 1966-67)
Acheson, Densel K. (C-130D Pilot)
Acree, J. Lance (17th TAS: 1982-86)
Addison, Brian S.
Adolphs, Marlin D. (C-130)

Adrian, Jerry F.
Ahrens, Robert A.
Ahrens, Steven M.
Ahrens, Thomas M.

Akers, Reggie W. (C-130D Crew Chief)
Albert, Warren C. "Bud" (C-130D Pilot: Deceased)
Alcorn, Jerry (17th TAS Pilot)
Alexander, James W. (C-130D Pilot:  61st TCS and 17th TCS)

Allen, Francis C. - (Firebird Navigator: 1978-82 & Raven Gang NYANG: 1982-85)
Allen, Scott G. – (Firebird Pilot: 
 C130D/E -1975 to1980)
Allen, Rodney M.
Alsbury, Lynn L. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Alvarez, Celestion M. (C-130)
Alvarez, Thomas S.
Amado, Anthony S. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Anderson, Alan C. (C-130D Navigator)
Anderson, Robert T.
Andrejak, Gary E. (C-130D Pilot)
Andres, Ernest J. (WWII)
Angelback, Henry J.
Angeles, Eric M. (1985-92: Chief of Operations)
Anthony, Robert D.
Arnold, Samuel E. (C-130D Flight Engineer)

Arrington, Johnny C.
Arrowood, Steven G.
Ashcraft, Michael C. (C-130D Flight Engineer) (deceased)
Austin, Robert A.
Avila, Christolphe L.
Aycock, Gerald E. "Gerry"
(C-130D Pilot)


Babcock, Gary W.
Badger, Olanza

Bagwill, Joseph S. (First Sergeant: C-130D)
Bailey, Sr., Nolan W. (C-130D Pilot: 1963-1967)

Bailey, Gloria A.
Bailey, Jeff
Bailey, Donald R. (61st TCS: C-130D Pilot)
Bailey, Jr., Sherod G. (517th Airlift Sqdn. Ops. Superintendent: Flight Engineer)

Bair, Joseph C.
Baird, Jr., Ora J. "Jerry" (17th TAS Commander: 1970-1972)

Baity, Robert F. (C-130D Navigator: August 1961 to March 1963)
Baker, Glenn
Bakken, Bradley C.
Banas, James A. (C-130D Pilot)
Bangerter, Todd (C-130 Navigator: October 1989-August 1992)
Banks, Marlon (C-130 Pilot: Dyess)
Bapty, Alexander R.
Barker, Kenneth D. (C-130D Navigator)
Barlow, Warren P.
Barnes, Larry A.
Barnett, Ernest W. "Ernie" (C-130D Loadmaster)
Barnsley, Brian T.
Baroni, James J.

Barrett, Anthony V. "Tony" - (RAF C-130D Pilot: Deceased 1973 training accident.)
Bartunek, Robert D. "Bart" (C-130D Pilot - Deceased)

Batts, Stevem (C-130 Copilot circa 1982-84)
Baugher, Larry P. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Bealer, Dennis L.
Beatty, Julian V. (WWII)
Beers, Craig A.
Bell, Colin G. (RAF C-130D Navigator)
Bell, Edward A. (deceased)
Bell, Sophie (WWII: Widow of Edward A. Bell)
Bell, Jr., James W. (C-130D Navigator: Deceased - 2 Aug 82)

Bendrick, Frank E.
Benson, Jr., Albert E. (C-130D Pilot: Deceased - 21 Dec 92)
Bent, R. G. "Guy"- (Squadron Commander 17th TAS: 1987-89)
Berg, Jr., Carl J. (C-130D Navigator-Deceased)

Berry, Vernon H.
Bethe, Mrs. Kenneth E. (C-130D Pilot and Squadron Commander 17th TCS)
Bethea, Ronald H.

Binnizzio, Daniel
Bishop, Harold
Bjornson, Loren F.
Bjornstad, Eugene N.

Blackburn, Victor T. "Vic" (C-130D Flight Engineer - Deceased)
Blahak, Herman A. (C-130D Pilot)
Blasdel, Lloyd C. (C-130D Pilot)
Blayney, Robert L.
Bless, William E. "Bill" (C-130D Pilot)
Blohm, Raymond A.
Blomquist, Joel E. (C-130D Pilot)
Blumenthal, Milton M. (WWII)

Bohlen, Leroy
Bond, Urban S. (WWII - Pilot)
Boody, R. W. (WWII)

Bottrell, Oliver D. (C-130)
Bowers, Jr., Donald S. (C-130 Pilot circa 1978-80: Deceased Mt. McKinley 06/19/00)
Bowman, Frank J. (61st TCS C-130D Pilot – Deceased)
Brackbill, Fred K. (17th TCS/TAS C-130D Navigator - Deceased)
Bradley, Bruce Vernon (17th TCS/TAS C-130D Navigator

Brady, Tim (17th TCS C-130D Navigator...Later USAF Pilot)
Bramble, Robert G. (WWII: C-47 Crew Chief -Deceased)
Brammer, Frank E. (17th TCS/TAS C-130D Navigator - Deceased)
Brand, Larry

Brantley, Cecil B. (WWII)
Brashear, Alfred A. "Al" -

Bray, Donald M. (Deceased)
Brenckman, Emile III “Trey” (17th TAS Navigator:  1977-80)

Brenton, Ronald L.
Brenton, Mark (17th TAS Navigator)

Bricker, John V. (Flight Engineer)
Bright, Joe D. (C-130)

Broden, Ronald (Maintenance Officer)
Brooks, Daniel L. "Dan" "Zoom Zoom" (C-130D Pilot: 1972-77)
Brooks, Mitch (Instructor Navigator: 1993-97)

Brooks, Thomas L.
Brooks, Wiley S. (C-130D Navigator)
Browder, Kenneth R.
Brown, Charles H. "Charlie" (Maint. Chief - Deceased)
Brown, David F.
Brown, Lawrence L. "Larry" (61st TCS C-130D Pilot)
Bryant, Richard H. (WWII)

Brunn, Herbert L. (Firebird Navigator)
Bruu, William H. (Loadmaster)
Bryant, Archie C.
Buchanan, David L. "Buck" (C-130D Pilot - Deceased)

Buchanan, William J.
Buckley, William (C-130D Pilot - Deceased)
Burbrink, Barry L. (Loadmaster: 1969-70)
Burbrink, William W. (Loadmaster)

Burgdorf, William (Deceased)
Burkhardt, David J. (Loadmaster)
Burkhart, Francis E.
Burr, Richard L. (C-130D Flight Engineer)

Burrafato, John L. (WWII)

Burrell, Lloyd O.
Burrus, Richard
Burson, James L.
Burt, Donald S.
Burton, Howard W. (C- 130)
Bush, James W.

Butcher, James T. "Jim" - (C-130D Pilot: 61st TCS)
Butler, Harlan (WW II)
Buys, Earl M. (C-130D Navigator)
Byro, Kenneth L.


Cain, Dirk K.
Calder, David M. (C-130 Pilot and Ops. Officer)

Calder, Steve
Camacho, John J.
Campbell, Phillip W. (Loadmaster)
Cannamore, Allan T.
Cannon, Steve - (C-130 Navigator: Deceased - Sparrevohn 1978)
Capinas, Steven A. (61st TCS: C-130D Navigator)
Carboneau, Ralph W. (C-130D Pilot - Deceased)

Carlyle, Donald M. (CCT-UK)
Carr, Perry G. "Buzz" (C-130D Pilot - Deceased: 3 May 90)
Carroll, Charles R. (Firebird Pilot)
Carroll, Johnnie D.
Carter, Charles H. (C-130D Pilot)
Casey, Richard J. (17th TAS/517th AS Commander: 28 Jun 91 - 5 Feb 93)
Cashwell, Harry C.
Caudell, Gary B.
Caulkins, Don
Cave, Jr., Douglas F. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Cayton, John J. "Jack" (C-130D Pilot)
Chambers, Mike (Chief Pilot: 1980-1983)
Chamskas, Andrew M.

Chapman, Gerald N.
Chase, Michael R.
Chatman, Kim (17th TAS Administration: 1987-90)
Chenvert, Paul R. (C-130D Loadmaster-Deceased)
Chorn, Milton E. (C-130D Pilot) (Deceased)
Christian, William C. (61st TCS: C-130D Pilot - Deceased)

Christiansen, Scott M. (Firebird Pilot)
Christopher, Perry A. (C-130D Flight Engineer-Deceased)
Chunn, R. D. (17th TAS Flight Engineer)

Cinotto, James V. (61st TCS)
Clark, Rodney M.
Clark, Walter "Walt" (17th TAS Navigator)
Clarke, Dane T.
Clary, Richard B. (C-130D Pilot)
Clayton, Robert S.

Clemenson, Richard L. (C-130D Navigator)
Clifton, George
Clime, Alan B.
Cliver, Orville W. (WWII)
Coile, Leonard R. (C-130D Loadmaster)

Colbert, Barry A.
Collins, Phillip B. "Phil" (C-130D Pilot)
Conley, Andrew F.

Conn Jr., Ernest C.
Connolly, III, Allen B.
Cook, Bruce V. (C-130D Pilot, IP/SE, and Ops Officer: 1970-73)
Coombs, Herschel D.

Cooper, George F. "Fred" (C-130D Pilot)
Cornell, Terry R.
Cossu, Domenico “Nick”  (LM and then FE 1984-1992 – 109th AW NYANG)
Costello, Benny L. (61st TCS: Navigator - deceased)
Cote, Richard D. (61st TCS)
Cotosman, Vasalie F. (WWII)
Cox, Robert A. (Firebird Pilot - 1978)
Coy, G. Lee (517th Firebird Navigator: June 1995 to February 1998)
Coyne, Bernard P. "Lucky" (C-130D Flight Engineer-deceased)
Crawford, Thomas P. (C-130D Pilot)
Crill, K. D.

Cristensen, Andy M.
Christiano, Michael T. (Raven Gang)
Crooks, William B.
Cross, Jim
Cruse, Edgar H. "Ed" (Deceased)
Culling, William A. "Bill" (WW II)

Cumberland, Frank G.
Cummings, Christopher F. (Firebird Pilot)

Cummings, Robert (517th AS C-130H FE:  June 2001 to June 2005)
Currier, Thomas J. (C-130 Navigator)

Curtis, Benjamin F.


Dalby, Ronald H. "Ron" (C-130 Maintenance)
Dalton, Robert E. "Bob" (C-130D Pilot - Deceased)
Daly, Robert A.
Damewood, Samuel R. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Davidson, Jackie E. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Davis, Mack L. - (C-130D Crew Chief at Dyess AFB: 1961-64)
Davis, Robert E. "Bob" (C-130D Navigator)
Davis, John P. (C-130D Crew Chief: 1963-66)
Daws, William L. (Firebird Pilot: 1980-85)

Deboe, William C. (Deceased: C-130D Pilot)
Dedmon, Edwin E. (17th TCS Flight Engineer: 1976-1980)
Deegan, Leo F. (WW II)

Delaney, Albert D. (Air Cargo Specialist: 1974-75)
Delph, Timothy M. (C-130H Flight Engineer Examiner: 1992-2000)

Derrington, William T. "Terry" - C-130 Navigator (17th TAS:  June 1977 – August 1980)
Dewey, Rodney B.
Dickow, Richard A. (C-130D Flight Engineer)

Dieffenderfer, John C. (Firebird Pilot)
Dinwiddie, William H.

Diver, Charles S. (Navigator)
Dockery, George E. (61st TCS: C-130D Pilot)

Dodge, Richard C. (C-130D Pilot)
Dodson, Gene A. (Flight Engineer)
Doherty, Clement J. (C-130 Loadmaster)
Donahue, Charles F. (C-130 Pilot)

Dorcy, Ronald B. "Ron" (Firebird Commander)
Dorman, Charles E. (C-130D Loadmaster-Deceased)
Dorman, Ralph T. (C-130)
Douglas, Keith A. (Navigator: 1979-80)
Dove, Life N. "Lin" (C-130D Navigator)
Doyle, Michael P. "Mike" (Flight Engineer)
Drake, Walter R. (Loadmaster)
Drasky, William J. "Bill" (C-130D Pilot)

Drennan, Jerry D. (Firebird Pilot: 1970-74)
Dubois, Wilfred A. (C-130)

Dulaney, Jr., Albert D. (Air Cargo Specialist: 1974-75)
Dunkin, Larry (C-130D Navigator - Deceased)
Dunkle, Russell J. (C-130D Maintanance)
Durnford, John P.
Durst, Dean D. (WW II)
Dustin, Jacob "Jake" (C-130D Pilot)
Dwyer, Dennis L. (Navigator: 1980)

Dyke, Clarence (WWII-Deceased)
Dykes, Clifford E. (C-130)
Dyrhaug, Jeffrey M.


Eastland, Harold E.
Eddy, John C. (Navigator)
Edgell, Robert E. "Bob" (C-130D Navigator)
Edwards, Dale K.
Edwards, Stu (DCC Flagship 2131: 1989-94)

Edwards, William C.
Egan, Garry B. (1963)
Egan, Sr., Wesley W. (Firebird Pilot: 1960-63)
Ekenstam, Garland R. "Ray" - (CCT Elmendorf)

Eldridge, J.
Ellerbee, Rames L. (RAF Flight Engineer)
Elliott, David L.
Elliott, Russell P. (Firebird Pilot: 1981)
Emmert, Billy R.

Eubank, Robert L.


Fabyanic, Thomas A. "Tom" (C-130D Navigator)
Fagerson, Thomas D. (CCT)

Fairbanks, James (Pilot 61st TCS - deceased)
Faris, Denis H.
Farrell, Ronald R. (Navigator)
Fass, Martin (17th TAS Navigator)
Fauser, Rodney H. (17th TAS Navigator - circa 1969)

Felix, Thomas N.
Fellows, Jack
Felton, Timothy T. (Loadmaster)
Finch, Jeffrey D.
Fisher, Charles W. (Flight Engineer)
Fisk, John W.

Fitzer, Gregg K. (17th TAS C-130D Pilot - 1974-79)
Flanagan, Thomas J.

Flandreau, Donald H. "Don" (17th TCS C-130D Pilot)
Flesher, Ted R. (C-130D Pilot)

Folse, Eldred J.
Foster, Thomas W. (C-130D Pilot)
Fowler, Robert A. (C-130D Pilot: Deceased)
Fox, Brooks B. (Navigator: 1980)

Fox, John T.
Fox, Robert M. (Loadmaster)

Frank, Jon David (C-130D Pilot)
Frazier, Ronald G. (17th TCS C-130D Pilot - Dyess)
Freeman, Jr., Thomas C. (Loadmaster)

Fremming, Michael A.
Friedli, Neil (517th CC: 2000)
Fritts, Jeffrey O. (C-130H Loadmaster - 517th AS Firebird)

Fritzsche, Mark H.
Fry, Trent K. (Admin. Officer: July 1980-January 1983)
Fulton, Linzel "Lin" (Admin. Staff: 1964-1968)

Furlong, Charles "Crunch" (RAF Exchange Pilot)


Gabrielson, Roy - C-130D Pilot - 61st TCS
Gagnon, Craig J. - C-130D Maintenance
Gainey, James (C-130 Loadmaster: Deceased - Sparrevohn)
Gaither, Stephen K. (C-130D Pilot)
Gardner, Billy M.
Garvin, Honi J. (C-130D Pilot)
Gastonguay, Norbert E. "Stony" - (C-130D Crew Chief)
Gavornik, Peter G. (C-130D Pilot)
Gerling, Michael G. (Loadmaster)
Gessner, Andrew M., (17th TAS/CC)
Gibbons, William J. "Bill" (C-130D Navigator - '75 -'79)
Gieringer, Mark  (C-130H Pilot:  17th TAS and 518th AS – 1988-1992)  
Gifford, William E. (Firebird Loadmaster: 1979-83)
Gilbertson, Steven L. (C-130D Pilot: 1972-976)
Gillihan, Dave - 517th AS Pilot (1998-Present)
Gignac, Ron (109th Flight Engineer C-130D)
Ginter, Jr., Edward L. "Eddie"

Gionet, Armand J. (57-495 Crew Chief: 1964-66 and 1968-70)
Girven, Donald K. (C-130D Loadmaster - Deceased)
Glenn, Donald T. "Don" (C-130D Pilot)
Glennon, Peter -
Gober, Marc T. - (C-130 Pilot circa 1979)
Goblowsky, Thelma R.
Goch, Peter NMI (C-130D Navigator - Deceased 1999)
Gochanour, Lowell B. "Boyd" (C-130D Flight Engineer)

Goldsmith, Nathan Kent (C-130D Pilot:  61st TCS, 1961-1962)
Gordon, Robert B.
Gordy II, John R.
Gottschalk, David "Dave" (17th TAS Pilot)
Gould, Donald R. (C-130D Pilot)

Gould, Timothy A.
Graham, Everett M.
Graham, Stewart R. "Stu"
Graham, William V.
Grant, Douglas C. - Chief Flight Engineer: 1980-83
Grapes, Elton J. (C-130D Pilot)
Graves, Robert L. - Navigator
Green, Robert L.

Greenland, Jerry C.
Gregelein, Mrs. George M. (Widow of C-130D Pilot)
Gregg, Forrest W. (WW II - 17th TCS Electrician)
Gregory, Daniel J.
Gregory, William H. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Griffith, Robert (17th TAS Navigator)
Grijalba, Apolonio S. - Pilot
Grinrod, Robert U. - Flight Engineer
Grosch, Eric K.
Grosland, Darrell R. (Navigator)
Grothe, Arlo W. (Loadmaster)

, Gerhard J. (Assistant Crew Chief 57-492, Dyess, AFB)
Guidry, Roland D. (C-130D Pilot)
Gustafson, Mark (517th Airlift Squadron)
Gutierrez, Aldolpho - Loadmaster


Haas, Milton (C-130D Pilot)
Hacker, Flem D. (C-130D Loadmaster: Deceased)
Hales, Billy R.
(C-130D Loadmaster)
Hales, Gregory M. (517th AS: C-130H Loadmaster)
Haley, John O. (C-130D Pilot - Deceased)
Hall, Dalton
"Bud" (Firebird Flight Engineer: 1969-74)
Hall, Ernest
Hall, John
Hall, William F.

Halsall, Gene T. (Flight Engineer: 1979-84)
Halstead, James J.
Hamilton, Ralph W. (C-130D Pilot: Deceased)
Hamm, James R. (C-130D Maintenance)
Hamm, Larry D. (Pilot)
Hamuka, John (517th C-130 Firebird Navigator: 1992-1996)
Hardin, Jackie N.

Hardwick, Glen Allen (Pilot)
Harper, William W. (C-130D - Aerial Port)
Harris, Gerald M. (C-130D Navigator - Deceased)
Harris, Phillip M. "Mike" (Pilot)
Hartson, John R. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Harvey, Daniel P. (C-130D Flight Engineer: Deceased - 9 Jan 82)
Harwood, Jr., Clyde H. - (61st TCS C-130D Pilot - 1957-60)
Haslett, Ernest F. - Flight Engineer
Hatch, Ralph (C-130D Navigator)
Hatfield, Jerry H.
Hawk, Thomas W. (C-130D)
Hazleton, ? (61st TCS)
Head, Danny C. - Pilot

Headle, Bruce C. (C-130D Navigator)
Heany, Thadrick M. (17th TAS Flight Engineer 1986-94)
Heaphy, William "Bill" (C-130D Navigator)
Heard, Mac (Pilot - WWII)
Hebert, Ronald E. "Ron" (C-130D Pilot)
Hedges, John (C-130D Pilot & 17th TAS Commander)
Heidemann, Emmet F.
(Combat Control Team Superintendent and Aerial Port Supervisor: 1969-70)
Heifner, Charles T.
"Charlie" (C-130D Firebird Pilot & Ops. Officer: 1969-73)
Hein, David R.
Hellings, Todd A.

Hemstreet, Stan (109th TAG NYANG Commander and Pilot - Deceased)
Hendrix, Marion W. (Deceased: C-130D Flight Engineer)
Hennessey, Michael - (Pilot)
Henry, Richard L. W. "Dick" (C-130D Pilot-Deceased)

Henson, Jeffrey S.
Herman, Frederick D. - (Navigator)

Herrmann, Wilson A. (WWII)

Herseim, Robert A. (Loadmaster: Deceased)
Hiatt, William R. - Pilot
Hibbert, Henry E. (Loadmaster)

Hicks, Charles
Highfill, Mrs. Mozelle (Edward A.)
Hilchey, Kenneth N. - (61st TCS: C-130D Pilot)
Hilgendorf, Lee K.
Hill, Richard K.

Hinkle, Jr., Kenneth H.
Hinson, Odis C. (C-130)
Hipley, Jerry W.
Hippert, Michael L.
Hirmer, Mark A.

Hitchcock, William A. (Pilot WWII) (deceased)
Hithe, Alton M. (C-130 Flight Engineer)
Hobbs, Ervin R. - (C-130 Pilot: Deceased)
Hodge, Gene L.

Hoffpauir, Albert J. (C-130D Navigator-Deceased)
Hogue, Aubrey L. (C-130D Pilot: 61st TCS)
Hollenbeck, D. G.
Holley, Edward M. (C-130D Pilot)
Hollingsworth, Dal O. (WWII)
Hollingsworth, Raymond C. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Hollman, Joseph A.
Holmes, Jr., Robert "Groove" (17thTAS Flight Engineer: 1983-92)
Holtman, Carrie S.
Hoodenpyle, Col. James B. (WWII-Deceased)

Hoover, William F. (61st/17th TCS C-130D Pilot - 1959-62)
Hopkinson, Edward A.
Hopson, Mrs. Jerry
Hopson, Jr, Jess (C-130D Flight Engineer: Deceased - 1 Dec 77)
Hoskamer, Wray R. (517th Navigator: August 1991-96)
Houpt, Douglas "Doug" (17th TAS Navigator)
Howe, Todd M. "Toad" - (C-130 Pilot: )
Hubbard, Phil - (C-130 Pilot)
Hubbs, Clay E. (circa 1992)
Huddleston, Earl (Lockheed Representative-Deceased)
Hudgins, Sanford L. (C-130D Loadmaster: Deceased)
Hudson, Harold R.
Hudson, Mike - 17th TAS Commander
Huff, Bruce P. (C-130D Flight Engineer-Deceased)
Huff, Terry R.
Hughes, James E. (Navigator - C-124 1971-72 & C-130 1974-77)
Hughes, Paul W. (61st TCS C-130D Pilot)
Hughes, William (17th TCS early Dyess)
Huizinga, William J. (C-130D Pilot)
Hull, Raymond P. "Ray" (C-130D Pilot)

Humphrey, Rance A. (Loadmaster)
Hunter, Sam R. (C-130D Pilot)
Hutson, Charles R. "Bob" - (CCT Elmendorf)
Hutton, Patrick D. - (Loadmaster)
Hyde, Sidney A. (C-130D Loadmaster)


Illich, Vernon J. - Flight Engineer
Ingram, Jr., Robert C. – Pilot

Irvin, Charles E. – (Crew Chief:  C-130D-6, and C-130D) 1970-1974


Jackson, Hershal F.
Jackymack, Jr, Edward L.
Jacobs, Jr. Lloyd (C-130D)

James, Thomas
Janis, Alexander P. "Al" - (C-130D Maintenance: 1959 to 1967-Deceased)
James, Gary M. (C-130H Pilot - 517th AS Firebird)
Jared II, Roy A. (C-130D Firebird Pilot)
Javins, Ralph B. (Navigator)
Jeffries, Christopher D. "Chris"
Jenkins, John L.

Jergensen, Harley G. (C-130D Pilot)
Johnson, Ernest R. - Loadmaster
Johnson, Floyd W.
Johnson, George R. (C-130D Pilot)
Johnson, James T.
Johnson, Suzanne M.
Johnson, Weldon S.

Johnson III, Laurence J.
Jones, Andrew E. (C-130D Loadmaster: Deceased)
Jones, Demetrius E.
Jones, Kenneth S.
Jones, Michael R.
Jones, Walter D. (RAF)

Judd, Frank (WWII-Deceased)
Jump, Dennis N. (Pilot)
Jurasek, Robert V. (Navigator: Deceased)


Kaiser, Maurice E. (Deceased)
Karr, Terry L.
Katris, Clair G. "Joe" (17th TCS C-130D Pilot - Dyess)
Keele, Kent R. (Navigator)
Keida, Richard P. (C-130 Pilot)
Kelly, Howard B. (61st TCS: Navigator)
Kennedy, Andre L.
Kennedy, David M. (Pilot)

Kennedy, James P. (Pilot)
Kenney, William (C-130 Flight Engineer - 1990-96)
Kern, Robert M. (C-130 Navigator: 1977-81)
Kern, Timothy M.
Kerr, John (Deceased RVN)
Kesler, William R. "Bill" (C-130 Pilot)
Kidwell, Sidney R.
Kinch, Larry

King, Alan H. (C-130 Navigator) 17th TAS/517th AS 1991-1995
King, Jr., Dennis (Evaluator/Instructor Navigator, 1998-2002
King, Jeremy A. "Jerry" - (RAF Exchange C-130D Pilot)

King, Stephen M. - Navigator
Kinnison, Phil - 517th Navigator (2000)
Kinna, Martin E.
Kinsley, William T. "Bill"

Kiper, Richard D. (C-130D Pilot)
Kirn, Charles M. - (Flight Engineer- deceased 2003)
Kiser, Frederick N. (Flight Engineer)
Kitchen, Gerald A. (C-130D Pilot)
Knutson, Kevin - Pilot
Kobernick, Ron
Koeniger, Charles E. (Pilot)
Kontak, Roger E. - Pilot
Kopelke, Lee W. (Navigator)
Kost, Dennis D.
Koverman, William M. (Navigator)
Kowalewski, Robert J.
Kraus, Edwin J. "Ed" (C-130D Navigator)
Krebs, Phillip S.
Kreps, Kevin W. "Critter"
Kronberg, Bruce E. (C-130D Pilot)
Kyle, Cedric L. - (Flight Engineer)


LaCoste, William L. (61st TCS Navigator - deceased)
Lafon, Edward C. (C-130D Pilot: Deceased)
Laird, Michael L.
Lamb, Art (17th TAS 1970-74)
Lamb, William - (Pilot)
LaMirande, Hubert D. (WWII)
Laney, Thomas H.
Langdon, Victor H. (Flight Engineer) November 1973 - May 1980
Lange, Larry L. (Loadmaster) 
Langfield, George E. (C-130D Navigator - Deceased) 
Langston, Lester B. (C-130D Pilot - Deceased) 
Larkins, James E. (C-130 Pilot)
Lashe, James "Jim" (17th TAS Pilot)
Latham, John R. 
Lattin, Gary G. (C-130D Pilot: Deceased 1998)
Lavengood, Michael R. (Loadmaster)
Lavoie, Lionel E. - (Flight Engineer)
Layton, Robert F. (C-130D Navigator) 
Leclair, James W. (C-130D Navigator)
Ledbetter, Mel (C-130 Pilot)
Lee, Harold G. (C-130D Loadmaster:  Deceased.)
Lee, Ty K. - (Pilot)
Lee, III, Frank B. (Loadmaster)
Leezer, John (17th TAS Navigator)
Leonard, Edward W. (C-130D Pilot - 1961-63)
Lerch, John J.  (C-12 Pilot – Elmendorf 2002-2006)
Letts, Stephen B. (C-130 Pilot)
Lewin, Thomas J. (C-130D Pilot - deceased) 
Lincoln, Gary E. (Navigator)
Linford, Douglas M. (Flight Surgeon)
Linn, Jack E. 
Liskow, William F. "Pat" (C-130D Loadmaster: Deceased)
Littleton, Ora C. (Deceased)
Lively, David L. (Firebird Navigator: 1989-92) 
Livingston, Jerry D. (61st TCS & 17th TCS: C-130D Pilot)
Livingston, John S.
Lockwood, Ralph G.
Longmire, Franklin C. "Bo" (C-130D: Crew Chief)
Lonnemann, Timothy B.
Lonnon, Gerald L. (C-130D)
Lorentz, Robert G. "Bob" (C-130D Pilot '72 -'75) 
Losensky, Ronald P.
Lotakis, Jr., Paul G. (Firebird Pilot) 
Lott, Royce D.
Loucks, Joseph S. (C-130D Pilot)
Lovett, Donald W.
Lovett, Leslie (Admin. Officer) 
Luinstra, Sam (WW II)
Lunning, Col. V. I. (WWII)
Luttrell, Theodore C. (61st TCS)


MacKie, Scott B.
Madsen, William L. (C-130D Navigator)
Maggard, James E. (61st TCS)
Magness, Walter L. (C-130D Navigator)

Maguire, Felix (RAF Exchange Pilot - C-130D)
Mahoney, Edward W.
Mainord, William R. "Bill" (C-130D Pilot)
Maloney, Robert R. (WWII)
Manning, Michael A.
Manthey, Peter J. "Pete"
Marcus, Sidney M. (C-130D Pilot)
Mark, Kenneth F. (Pilot)
Markey, Raymond T. (Loadmaster)

Martin, Fred E. (Firebird Pilot)
Martin, Harold R. (C-130D Pilot)
Martin, Jr., William P.
Martin, William P. (Pilot & Commander)
Masotti, Mike (109th TAW NYANG)
Matsko, James
Mattingly, Robert L.
Mattson, Anthony F. "Tony"
Matz, Jon (517th Command Pilot: June 1995 to September 1996)

Mauritz, Phillip E. (Loadmaster)
Maxon, Thomas L.
McBride, James W. (Firebird Pilot)
McCann, Roy "Neil" (C-130D Navigator)
McCollor, Allan C. (C-130D Loadmaster: Deceased - 24 Aug 85)

McCowan, James W.
McDonald, Bobbie L. (Flight Engineer)
McDowell, Gary L. (Pilot)
McGowan, Clarence E. "Buddy" (Pilot) (Deceased: September 1997)
McIver, Daniel P. (Flight Engineer)
McKenzie, James L. (C-130D Pilot)

McIntyre, Brandt (WWII - Pilot)
McLaughlin, Lt. Gen. Burl W. (516th Troop Carrier Wing Commander, Dyess, AFB)
McNamara, Tom (61st TCS)

Meales, Albert T.
Means, Phillip "Phil" (17th TAS Navigator)
Mearns, Robert H. (Engineer)
Medley, Jr., Carl L. "Mike" (Firebird Navigator)
Medlin, Harold
Menlencio, Richard B. (Loadmaster)
Menne, Wayne L. "Honey" (C-130D Pilot)
Milinovich, Dimitrie (C-130D)
Miller, Darren L. (517th AS C-130H Pilot: 1990's)
Miller, Donald R. (Firebird Pilot)
Miller, Douglas L. (Firebird Squadron Commander: 1992-94)
Miller, Edward C.
Miller, Elmer A. (C-130 Pilot)

Miller, Herbert "Warren" (C-130D Pilot)
Miller, Robert C. "Wiley E. Coyote" (Navigator)
Miller, William (17th TAS: March 1982-September 1986)
Mills, Gordon L. (C-130D Pilot)
Mimms, Slaughter D.
Minard, Robert W. (Loadmaster)
Mitchell, Jim
Mix, Carl A.
Moe, Derlyn (WWII)
Mol, Hendrick D. "Hank" (C-130D Pilot Attached)
Mollick, Stephen P. (Firebird C-130H Pilot: 1991-94)
Montemayor, Daniel A. (61st TCS - C-130D Pilot)
Moody, Walter K. (Flight Engineer)
Moon, Martin K. "Mark" (C-130H Pilot)
Moon, Reagan E. (Flight Engineer: 1981-85)
Moore, Billy J.
Moore, Edward L.
Moorman, Donald W. "Don" (C-130D Pilot)
Moran, James A. (WWII)
Morgan, Jerry E. (C-130 - Deceased: 22 Aug 95)
Morgan, Jesse A. (RAF)
Morlock, Leroy E. "Bud" (C-130D Pilot)
Morris, Bascome (C-130D Navigator)
Morris, Charles N. "Charlie" (61st TCS and 17th TCS C-130D Pilot)
Morris, Edward "Edmo" (517th AS Pilot)

Morris, Kenneth (Crew Chief)
Morris, Lawrence E. "Moose" - (CCT Elmendorf)
Morris, Marion E. "Mo" (Navy VXE-6 Commander in 1960's:  Deceased)

Morrissey, Robert D. (MIA/KIA Vietnam)
Morrow, George E. (Firebird Navigator)
Morrow, Herman B. (Flight Engineer)
Morrow, Sam
Moyer, Robert W. (C-130D Master Navigator - 109th/139th NYANG in 1970's)

Mozeleski, Frank Stuart "Stu" - (C-130D Navigator)
Mugford, Douglas W. (Admin. Sgt.)
Mulanax, Howard W. (17th TCS First Sergeant: 1963-1968)

Mulcahy, Michael (Loadmaster)
Mullener, William R. (C-130D Pilot)
Mullens, Jerry D. (C-130D Navigator)
Mullins, Richard M. "Moon" (Deceased)

Munsey, Donald E. "Don" (C-130 Navigator)
Munson, Ronald D. (Navigator)
Myers, Eric K.
Myers, Woodrow L. (Deceased: C-130D Navigator)
Mhyre, Gary A.


Nadeau, Jr., Richard J. (517th Crew Chief : 2000)
Naegle, Paul J. (Loadmaster)
Nagy, George (61st TCS Pilot - 1957-60)
Nalbandian, Haig B. (Firebird Crew Chief: 1966-70)
Nash, Michael R. "Mike" (RAF Exchange Pilot)

Nauman, Mark (17th TAS Navigator)
Nave, John A. (C-130D Pilot)
Nay Jr, Virgil B.
Needham, John F. (C-130D Electrician: 1964-67)
Nellis, David E. - (109th Flight Engineer C-130D and C-130H: 1975-85)
Nelson, James E. "Jim" - (CCT Elmendorf)

Nelson, James V. (Pilot)
Newland, Curtis A. (C-130D Navigator)
Nice, Daniel P. "Danny" (C-130D Pilot)
Nicolaus, James J. "JJ" (Firebird Pilot: 1976-1980)
Nichols, Carlene. C. (Firebird Flight Engineer: 1961-64 Deceased)
Nichols, Mearl A. "Bert" (C-130D Navigator)

Nichols, William M. "Bill" - (C-130D Pilot: 61st TCS)
Nielsen, William D. "Bill" (Navigator)

Nikas, Gregory G. (Loadmaster)
Noel, Thomas F. (109th TAW: C-130D Pilot)
Nowack, Patrick D. (17th TAS Navigator: 1980-1986)

Nunes, Lyonio B. (Flight Surgeon)
Nutter III, Harry L. (Pilot)


O'Brien, Michael F. (C-130D Navigator)
O'Byrne, Brian (Pilot)
O'Mara, Daniel E. "Dan" (C-130D Pilot)
O'Neal, Benton W. (Pilot)
Odem, Donald R.
Okyen, Marc
Olsen, Richard (Deceased)

Osweiler, Patrick H. "Pat" (C-130D Pilot)

Ott, Walter H. (Deceased: C-130D Pilot)
Outland, Ken (17th TCS C-130D Pilot)

Overstreet, Jr., Albert A. (Loadmaster: Deceased 1991)
Owen, Richard Edwin (WWII)
Owen, Toy C. (Flight Engineer)

Owens, David A. (C-130D Navigator, Dyess AFB)


Pack, Richard C. (Loadmaster)
Padilla, Jr., Jose (C-130D Loadmaster: Deceased)
Pagels, Thomas A. (Loadmaster)
Pahl, Marvin N.
Palicia, David (Pilot)

Palin, Gregory J.
Palmer, Mrs. Gene
Palmer, Daryl F.

Palmer, Dewey D. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Palmer, Stetson G. (C-130D Pilot)
Panoski, John J. (109th TAW NYANG Flight Engineer - 1975-89)
Parhomski, John A. (Loadmaster
Parish, Arthur (517th AS)
Parker, John C.
(C-130D Pilot and Former Squadron Commander 17th TAS)
Parris, Robert J. (C-130D & H Flight Engineer)
Passmore, Stephen B. (C-130D Pilot)

Patterson, Jasper E. "Pat" (C-130D Pilot)
Patton, Kenneth (C-130D Navigator - deceased)
Patty, Homer E. "Pat" (WW II - 17th TCS Adjutant)
Pawlikowski, Joseph B. (Navigator)
Pearson, Richard A. (61st and 17th TCS Navigator)
Pechler, David W.
Peck, David
Peckman, Todd D.
Pellman, William V. (17th TAS Flight Engineer)
Penry, Robert L. (Pilot)

Pepper, David S. "Dave" (Pilot)
Peterson, Robert L. (Loadmaster circa 1978)
Pfleiger, Terrance P. (Navigator)
Philley, William D. (Pilot)
Phillips, Ralph M. (61st TCS)
Pierson, Donald R. "Don" (Pilot)
Pinard, Robert N. (C-130 Pilot - Dyess)
Piner, Roger C. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Pirie, James D. "Jim" (C-130D Pilot: Sewart and Elmendorf 1971)
Platt, Douglas G. (Loadmaster)
Ploense, Steve (517th AS Flight Engineer/Examiner: 1995 - present)
Poche, Harold C. (Navigator circa 1979 - Deceased 2001)

Pointer, Bennie L.
Polley, John D.

Poplis, John A. "Jack" (C-130D Pilot)
Popovsky, Nicolas T. (WWII)
Portis, Charles E.
Poston, Don A. (Loadmaster)
Potter, Elmer E. (C-130D Navigator)
Powell, Jr., Nelson D. (C-130 Pilot)
Powers, Huston
Poythress, Charles W. (C-130D Engineer)
Pratt, Bert (Flight Engineer: 1976-79)

Pratt, Randall L. “Randy” (C-130 Pilot:  1979-83)
Preas, Lynn "Scooter" (17th TAS Navigator)
Pribyla, Kenneth "Ken" (C-130D Navigator: 1974-1978)

Prince, Edward R. (61st TCS Flight Engineer)
Pritchard, Jr., Marion G. "Graham" (Firebird and 109th TAW NYANG Pilot)

Prokofieff, Igor P. (C-130D Navigator - deceased)
Prouty, Richard (C-130 pilot circa 1982-84)
Prudence, Norman R. (17th TCS Navigator - 1961-63)
Pursley, Donald G.


Quick, Garry A. (109th TAW: Loadmaster)


Rader, John T. (Firebird Pilot: 1975-78)
Ragland, Martin E. - (CCT Elmendorf)

Rambeck, Steven (C-130 copilot circa 1981-84)
Ramer, Jr., William P.
Ramsay, Gene (C-130D Navigator - 1971-73)
Ramsey, Kimberly D.
Ransford, Col. Francis E. (C-130D Pilot: Deceased 1996)
Rash, William H.
Ravenel, Joseph A. "Joe" (C-130D Pilot)
Rawlings, John A. (Loadmaster)
Rayburn, Robert "Bob" (C-130 Navigator)
Reaves, Ray D. (C-130D Pilot)

Reed, Joseph L. "Hot Mike" (Pilot)
Redmon, Charles D. "Dick" -
Reed, Thomas B. (Flight Engineer)
Reed, Wilford L. (Loadmaster)
Reese, Marshall W. (Pilot)
Renfro, Jr., Glen E. (517th AS Pilot and Ops. Officer: 1993-1998)
Renicker, Richard A.
Renner, Charles F. "Chuck"

Reynolds, William T. (C-130D Navigator - Attached)
Rhodes, Jr., Edwin L.
Ribble, Randon A.
Richard, Richard L. "Ricky"

Richardson, Clement G. (WWII)
Richardson, Edwin S. "Sandy" (Pilot)
Richardson, Michael D.
Richmond, Myles S. (Firebird 1961-62)
Richter, Donald K. (Pilot)
Ridgeway, Guy E. (Former 17th TCS Commander & C-130D Pilot)
Riede, Philip J. (Pilot)
Riedel, Dwayne M.
Riedez, Dwayne
Rineheart, Benjamin J. "Ben" (Firebird Navigator: 1972-75)
Rinkevage, George W. (Loadmaster)

Robb, Ralph E. "Scott" (C-130D Pilot 1975-76:  Deceased)
Robbins, Ronald J.
Roberson, William D. (C-130)
Roberts, Richard A. 
(17th TAS/MAC Firebird Pilot 1973-1978.)
Robinson, Greg (5040th/21st FMS - Hydraulics: 1967-69)
Robinson, William C. "Robbie" (17th TAS Navigator: 1980-84)
Robinson, Zane H. (61st TCS: Pilot)
Rodke, Phillip M. "Phil" (Firebird Pilot: 1971-75)
Roles, Dale G. (Flight Engineer)
Rolf, Gary (17TAS C-130 Pilot (1989-92), 517AS C-12F Pilot (1992-95)

Romberg, Robert A.
Ronquille, Jr., Clenton A. (C-130D)
Rook, Edward A. (Flight Engineer)
Rooney, Michael T. (Firebird Pilot)
Root, John M. (C-130D Pilot)
Rossano, Alexander A. (17th TAS circa 1992)
Roth, Jack M. (C-130D Pilot)

Roth, Werner G. "Vern" (C-130D Navigator)
Roulson, Calvin "Cal" - (C-130 Pilot)
Roulston, Robert W. (C-130 Pilot: Deceased - Sparrevohn 1978)

Rounds, Maurice H. "Moe" (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Ruehl, J. R. (17th TAS Navigator: 1983-86)

Ruiz, Michael J. (17th TAS: 1983-87)
Rush, Talmadge E. (Line Chief 1971-1973)
Rulin, R. P.
Russey, Reagan (17th TAS Pilot: 1979-83)


Sacane, Harold K. (C-130D Navigator)
Sadler, Randy D. (17th TAS Pilot: 1977-81)
Saher, Joseph C.
Sailer, Joseph J. "Joe" (C-130D Pilot)
Salazar, Wilfred F. "Will" (Flight Engineer)
Salstrom, Raymond W. "Randy" (Pilot)
Salter, Joseph C.

Sancton, Raymond P. "Ray" - (17th TCS Pilot: 1961-63)
Sand, John C. "Cortney"
Sanders, David W. (Pilot circa 1979)
Sanford, Wyndel P. (C-130D)
Sarros, James H. (Crew Chief EDF:  July 1967- July 1969)
Sayers, Denton D. (Flight Engineer)
Scates, Elijah
Schaadt, Harriet S. (Admin. Off.)

Shatz, Peter (Crew Chief EDF:  43151F – October 1969-October 1970)
Schabo, Earl W. (WWII)
Schaffer, Robert L. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Schisler, Gary H. (Pilot)
Schlumbrecht, Charles R. (Loadmaster)
Schmidt, Donald R.
Schmidt, Gary W. (C-130D Pilot)
Schmidt, Richard H. (C-130 Pilot)
Schmidt, Robert A. (Pilot circa 1979)
Schmonsees, Paul H. (17th TAS circa 1992)
Schnider, John W.
Schott, Patrick M.
Schwank, Jock C. H. (C-130D Pilot)
Scott, Ernest M. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Scott, Virgil E. (C-130D Flight Engineer - deceased)
Scrugham, Harold M. "Hal" (WWII - C-47 Pilot)
Seay, James E. (61st TCS C-130D Pilot)
Segars, Don (17th TCS Pilot - Dyess)
Sekavek, J. G.

Semple, Richard G. "Dick" (C-130D Pilot)
Setbacken, Vance (WWII)
Shaftoe, Thomas (Loadmaster: 1976-78)
Sharkey, Jack (61st TCS: Pilot)
Sharrow, Larry (Deceased: C-130D Pilot)
Shaw, Jerald L. (Firebird Pilot: 1973-76)

Shaw, Kirk E.
Shearouse, Phillip O. (C-130D Loadmaster)

Sheehan, Donald E. (C-130 Pilot)
Sheldon, Walter B. (WWII)
Sheldon, Willard F. "Chip" (Firebird Pilot)
Shellenberger, Robert T. (C-130 Commander/Pilot: 1978-79)
Shelton, Harvey
Sherman, Jeffrey R.
Sherrod, Kent H. (Pilot)
Shipley, Marie L.
Shultz, Delray F. "Lucky" (Firebird Navigator: 1972-77)
Shultz, Richard F.
Simpson, Donald R.

Simpson, Richard
Sims, William R. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Sipple, Billy (C-130D)
Skalisky, Michael G., MSgt. (517th AS Loadmaster: May 1993-99)

Skelps, Kenneth M. (Officer C-130: 1977-80)
Skinner, Don (WWII)
Slack, Billy R. (C-130 Pilot)
Sledge, David P. (Loadmaster)
Slepica, Michael C. (17th TAS circa 1992)
Sloop, Mark (517th AS Pilot)

Smiley, Jr., Hubert G. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Smith, Alton M. (C-130 Pilot)
Smith, Anna A.
Smith, Donald L. (C-130D Pilot)
Smith, Glen A. (C-130D Flight Engineer:  Deceased)

Smith, John W.
Smith, Lee

Smith, Paul W. (C-130D Navigator - 1973-76)
Smith, Thad D.
Smith, Walter J.

Snider, Frank (17th TAS)
Snyder, Robert E. "Bob" (C-130D Pilot)
Soeder, Eugene H.
(C-130D Navigator: Killed in F-111 crash in Idaho during 1980)
Soeder, Mrs. Eugene "Jean"
Sommerville, Thomas C. "Tom" (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Sorce, John J.
Sorenson, Lee E. (C-130D Navigator)
Sorenson, Steve (517th AS Pilot)
Spargur, Dwight W.

Speck, John (VXE-6 Flight Engineer)
Spencer, Jeffrey S.
Spooner, Arthur L. "Art" (C-130D - Deceased)
Spratt, Jr., Victor M. "Jack" (AC and IP: 1968-73)
Staffan, Peter J. "Pete" (Flight Engineer: Deceased Sparrevohn)

Stanfield, Thomas H.
Starkel, Gregory D. (C-130 Pilot: 1978-82)
Statts, Col. John H. (C-130D Pilot and Squadron Commander 17th TCS)
Steele, Michael A. "Mike" (C-130 Pilot)
Steinhauer, Jr. Arthur W. (C-130 Pilot)
Stenback, Paul R. (C-130E Pilot - Dyess)
Stevens, John L. (C-130 E/H Pilot: 1985-1988)

Stewart, James D. (Loadmaster: Deceased)
Stickler, William H. (Loadmaster)
Stiles, Tom (Navigator)
Stock, Jr., Raymond (C-130D Loadmaster)
Stockard, Kenneth E. (Firebird Navigator: Deceased)
Stocker, Erich L.
Stocker, Henry (RAF)
Stocker, John R.
Stoddard, Roy D. (C-130D Loadmaster: 1974-76)
Stoebner, Darrold (Flight Surgeon)
Stone, Barry A.
Stone, Danny W.
Stowell, Paul A.

Stracener, Mark (517th Airlift Squadron Pilot)
Strahan, Thomas P. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Strand, Sherman R. (WWII - Pilot)

Strange, David L. (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Struth, Thomas C. (WWII - Radio Operator)
Sullivan, Stephen J. (Pilot)
Summers, James "Jim" - (Firebird Pilot: 1982-1993)
Summey, Todd J. "KJ" - (517th ALS Flight Engineer: 1991-1995)
Surber, Jr., James A. "Jim" (Deceased: C-130D Pilot)
Sutton, Thomas L. "Tom" (C-130D Pilot)
Swaney, Charles
Swasey, Jeffrey S.

Sweatman, Roger (Deceased: RAF Exchange Pilot)
Swift, Norman B. "Barry" (17th TAS C-130D Pilot: 1971-75)


Taylor, Albert J. (Flight Engineer)
Taylor, Harry E. "Ed" (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Taylor, William H. (WWII)
Taylor III, James F. (Pilot)
Teed, Charles M. (61st TCS: Pilot)
Tencza, Jr., Stanley F. "Stush" (C-130D Pilot)
Termin, Francis E.
(Deceased: C-130D Flight Engineer)
Terrell, Joseph M. "Mike" (Firebird Pilot)
Thiesen, George F. (C-130D Pilot: 1969 - 1973)
Thomas, David L. (C-130 Pilot)
Thomas, Kenneth L.
Thomas, Victor R. "Vic"

Thompson, Donald M. (C-130D Navigator:  Deceased)
Thompson, Ivan B. (WWII)
Thompson, Norman T.
Thompson, Robert S.
Thompson, Stephen E.

Thompson, Steven W. (Loadmaster)
Thormin, Ray M.
Thumberg, Carl (17th TAS Pilot)
Tiburzio, Jr., Rudolph J. "Rudy"
Tillery, Tearl

Tinney, Richard L. (C-130D Pilot)
Tinney, Robert E.
(C-130D Pilot and Former Squadron Commander 17th TAS)
Tintle, David F. (C-130D Pilot)
Tippett, John R. (C-130D Loadmaster)
Tixier, Edward L. (C-130 Pilot: deceased)
Tlumach, James (517th AS)

Tony, James A.
Toomey, James L. (WWII)
Torkelson, Gary (C-130 Pilot)
Torma, Leo J. (Navigator)
Trapp, Richard M. "Dick" (17th TCS Navigator at Dyess AFB:  1962-64)
Tschirhart, L. H. ? (Navigator)
Tschuor, Kurt (17th TAS Pilot: 1986-88)
Tsuhara, Freddie (Pilot)
Tulppo, John (5040th FMS: 1964-66)
Turk, Wilbert "Will" - (61st TCS: Pilot and Commander)
Turner, Manson S.
Turrell, Marion L. (Loadmaster)
Tynan, Jr., William F.


Uhls, Harold E. "Gene" (61st TCS Navigator)
Unger, Jack L. (C-130 Navigator)

Upton, Douglas M. (C-130 Pilot)
Uttaro, Gerald J. (Pilot)


Valent, Joseph (C-130D Pilot: 61st TCS)
Van Asdlan, Charles R. (Loadmaster)
Vance, Jack D. (Loadmaster)

Van Hemert, Frank (Crew Chief)
Vandyke, Henry C. (61st TCS: Pilot)
Van Note, Keith L. (17th TCS Navigator: deceased)

Venters, Jr., Charles D. "Chuck" (C-130D Flight Engineer)
Verling, John O. "Mo" (Firebird Pilot: 1983-87)
Vice, Bruce A.
Villarreal, Arnaldo M. (C-130D Loadmaster)

Vining, Thomas J. "Jerry" (C-130 Pilot: Deceased - 23 Feb 95 )
Vinson, Shawn D.
Vint, George T.

Vonlolhoffel, Egon P. "Butch" - (Flight Engineer)

Vycital, Mark A. (C-130D Pilot)


Waldman, James H. (C-130D Pilot and Commander)
Waldon, George M. (WWII)
Walker, Jay B. (Firebird Loadmaster: 1972-1978)
Walker, Jerry W.
Walker, Lee (Crew Chief:  1962-65 … 70-492 and 70-495)

Walker, Leland G. (C-130D Pilot:  Deceased)
Walker, Thomas P.
Wallace, John F. (Loadmaster)
Walsh, Edward F.
Walsh, Ronald C. "Ron" (C-130D Pilot)
Walters, Charles A. (C-130D Flight Engineer: 61st TCS)
Walther, Don B.  (C-130D Pilot)
Ward, Hubert E. (C-130D Pilot: Deceased - 18 Apr 88)
Warren, Bernard A. "Bernie" (C-130D Pilot: 61st TCS and 17th TAS)
Watkins, Patrick L.
Watson, Bruce (17th TAS Navigator)

Wawrynovic, Thomas A. (Pilot)
Wegemer, Leo - (C-130 Navigator)
Weiss, William R.
Welborn, Mark (17th TAS Navigator)
Wells, Curtin M. - (C-130 Pilot: Deceased - Sparrevohn 1978)
Wenman, Roger P. (Navigator: 61st TCS 1958-61 & 17th TCS 1961-64)

West, Owen L. (WW II)
West, Robert W. (Loadmaster)
Westbrook, Daniel M. (C-130H Pilot - 517th AS Firebird)
Wetzig, Jr., William C. "Bill" (17th TAS Pilot: 1976-79)

White, Frank (61st TCS: Pilot - Deceased)
White, Frederick L. (C-130 Navigator)
White, Richard H. (Navigator)

White, Steven L. (Crew Chief) - Jan. 1968 - Jun. 1970
White, Thomas H.
Whitener, James A. (61st TCS: C-130D Pilot - Deceased 2000)
Whitney, Willis P. (Loadmaster)
Whittington, Richard J. (C-130D Navigator)
Wicke, Jr., David W. (C-130 Pilot)
Wiener, Eric G. (C-130D Pilot - 109th TAG)
Weise, Patrick S.
Wiginton, Larry (17th TAS Navigator: 1983-87)
Wilburn, William N. (C-130D Pilot)
Wilcock, Edward T. (Firebird Pilot)

Wilcoxen, Russ J. (WWII)
Wilke, Gordon L.
Wilkerson, Donavon G. "Don" (C-130D Pilot)
Willett, Homer N. (WW II)
Williams, Daniel A.
Williams, Jr., Ernest O. (C-130D Flight Engineer: Deceased 1998)
Williams, George N. "Nick" (17th TAS/CC: 1985-87)
Williams, Gordon

Williams, Stephen P. "Jelly Worm" (C-130D Pilot)
Williams, Jr., Winsor (Loadmaster: 1976-79)

Willis, Vernon B. (Crew Chief)
Wilson, Michael A. "Mike" (Firebird Loadmaster)
Wilson, Robert E. (WWII - Pilot)
Wilson, Thomas L. (C-130D Loadmaster)

Windel, Kevin C. "Kit" (Navigator)
Winkler, Robert "Bob"
Winnie, Daniel R. (Loadmaster)
Winslow, Stephen D. (Navigator)

Wisener, Randy (1980-83)
Wisener, Wendell (C-130D Flight Engineer: 1970-73)
Wokaty, Terry L. (C-130 Pilot)
Wood, Billy E.
Wood, Christopher (C-130 Loadmaster: 1985-89)
Wood, Dennis M. (Loadmaster)
Wooderson, William D. "Woody" (Pilot)
Woodson, Furman W.
Worcester, Leonard P. "Lenny" (Loadmaster: 1979-91)

Worley, M. J.
Wright, Don (Navigator: 1977-80)
Wright, John K. (C-130D Flight Engineer:  Deceased)
Wright, Richard W. (C-130D Navigator: 61st TCS 1959-61 & 17th TCS: 1961-63)
Wyatt, Emory A. (17th TCS Scanner:  Dyess - deceased )
Wyatt, Ronald L. (Flight Surgeon)


Yeo, Peter G. (RAF Exchange Pilot - C-130D)
Yerkes, Charles S. (61st TCS C-130D Pilot)
Young, Larry R.
Yucha, Jr., Stanley F. (Navigator)


Zebruck, Stephen W.
Zerson, William F. H. "Bill" (C-130D Navigator)
Zicha, Dennis I. (109th TAW NYANG)
Zimmerman, Michael E.
Zinn, Charles (517th AS)
Zukowski, David J.
Zwijack, Frank J. (Pilot)

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