MISPLACED PROP - The propeller assembly from a Dyess AFB C-130 Hercules blocked one lane of traffic of Highway 277 about a mile and a half southwest of Caps Methodist Church Friday morning. The passing automobile is in the other traffic lane. Highway Patrolman Oscar Armstrong stands beside the propeller. The plane, belonging to the 64th Troop Carrier Wing, landed safely at Dyess later. (Staff Photo by Henry Wolff - May 12, 1961)


C-130 Prop Slams Hole in Highway


The propeller assembly of C-130 Hercules Air Force transport plunged from the sky and slammed a hole in Highway U.S. 277 about a mile and one half southwest of Caps Methodist Church Friday morning.

Eye witnesses said the "prop" almost hit a pickup truck being driven by Noel Hutchinson of View. Two farm laborers riding in the back of the truck jumped out and had not been located some while later.

A wing tank from the same C-130 fell in a pasture about 600 yards away.

The plane, circulated briefly and then flew on, landing later was from the 64th Troop Carrier Wing at Dyess.

A Dyess spokesman said the plane lost the "number one prop" which hit the wing tank on the left side and both fell. The planes landing was normal.

The crippled C-130's crew was Captain Raymond T. Sancton, pilot; 1st. Lt. Gerald Aycock, co-pilot; Technical Sgt. Hal Medlin, flight engineer; and Staff Sgt. Thomas P. Walker and Airman First Class Ray A. Blohm, assistant flight engineers.


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