Coleraine Flier Cited


WITH THE 12TH AIR FORCE - For outstanding achievement in the China-Burma-India theater of operations a veteran troop carrier group, to which First Lieutenant William A. Hitchcock of Coleraine, Minnesota, is assigned, has been cited by the 12th Air Force. Lieutenant Hitchcock is now entitled to wear the Distinguished Unit Badge. For his meritorious performance of duties as a pilot aboard the group's planes, during his stay in India, he has also been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Last April, his troop carrier group, stationed in the Mediterranean theater of operations, was suddenly ordered to fly to the support of Allied forces battling the Japanese in the Imphal Valley, India, and the Myitkyina area, Burma. Seven days later the big twin-engined C-47 transport planes of his group were delivering the needed supplies.

The unit continued to support the Allied armies for two and a half months, and played a tremendous part in driving the Japanese from northern Burma and the Imphal Valley. The group called "Cerny's Circus," after its commanding officer, Colonel John Cerny of Harrison, Idaho, is now back in the Mediterranean theater.

Lieutenant Hitchcock is the son of Clarence Hitchcock, Coleraine. He attended the Itasca Junior College, Coleraine, Minnesota.

WW II newspaper article courtesy of:

Mrs. William A. "Genevieve" Hitchcock