Sgt. Ernest Williams had already completed his preflight of the "ski-bird" at Sondrestrom when pilots Gary Lattin and Nolan Bailey arrived on the flight deck. There were no discrepancies other than a circuit breaker on the main circuit breaker panel at the back of the crew compartment being "popped." The conversation among the crewmembers then turned to a discussion of whether the aircraft should be accepted for a flight to the DYE sites. And, something was said to the effect that "I really don't understand why this particular circuit breaker tripped." Up stepped a new airman right out of tech school who volunteered to tell the flight crew why circuit breakers "failed." Eager to be of assistance, and in all seriousness, he began to explain the intricacies of the electrical system. "The circuit breakers are safety devices that protect the electrical system." Everyone shook their head in consent. He continued by saying, "When there gets to be too many electrons in the wires, and too much pressure builds up, the circuit breaker pops to let the excess electrons out." Everyone looked at this good Samaritan in amazement and restrained their chuckles. But it did solve the problem for the crew. The aircraft commander immediately requested that an electrician come out and do a quick check of the affected electrical system before the aircraft was flown. (Incident circa 1966, as remembered by Nolan Bailey)