The Danger of Ski Landings

Photos courtesy of Ed Holley

In October of 1968 at Dye II, I was checking RAF pilot Charles "Crunch" Furlong out on open snow work in "D" model 57-492. We were off the slideway, and he had done a great job of looking the snow over. On touchdown, however, the left ski dropped into a six foot deep hole and was ripped off the aircraft. The big kicker was that after I got us stopped, I turned on the alarm bell to evacuate the aircraft, and "Crunch" got out of the left seat and called for the after landing checklist.
After the bird was resurrected, I had the privilege of being the IP that showed Bob Tinney how to bring it back-gear down all the way to Alaska by way of the lower 48. Such a deal! P.S. I got the Air Medal for that one. Wayne Menne was on the accident investigation board. (Sid Marcus, 1996)

Photo courtesy of Ed Holley