After every flight to a DYE site on the Greenland Ice Cap, the flight engineer would perform a walk-around inspection while site personnel were unloading the plane. Since the standard operating procedure for the ice cap required that the engines be left running while on the snow, there also was a requirement for one pilot to be at his crew position for safety purposes. On one trip, Sgt. Harvey, flight engineer on Don Flandreau's crew, climbed down from the flight deck and was in the nose wheel well performing his routine check of the nose strut for hydraulic leaks (C-130 "blood"), when the copilot became inspired. Aha! Remembering his aircraft engineering for once, he realized that there was a speaker in the nose wheel well for briefing troops. The speaker switch was found, silently slipped on, and a little BOO! was uttered into the microphone. Immediately, numerous bumps and expletives emanated from beneath the aircraft. Shortly thereafter, a much irritated flight engineer appeared in front of the nose of the C-130D to give the flight deck the infamous "Italian Salute." (Nolan Bailey)