Lin Dove and I had just turned in for the night when a little after midnight we heard the stragglers coming back from the Fox and Hare club. As usual, trying to sneak into their rooms without being heard, yet they sounded like a herd of stampeding musk-ox. In a few minutes, our door opened slowly and an arm appeared holding a plastic cup containing "spirits." Denny, a Firebird pilot, proceeded to pour a few sips of "white lightening" onto my bedspread, laughed, and darted off down the hall with me preparing to pursue. I was at a slight disadvantage since I had to stop and put on pants. Once I got into the hall, Denny was nowhere to be found. I went back to my room, retrieved a can of Gillette Foamy shaving cream ( back when a can of Foamy would shoot a country mile), and went on the prowl for "big game." After calling out, "Denny, where are you?" a few times, I decided to hide out in the large communal latrine and shower room. There was a concrete column by the door just large enough to hide behind and within arm's length of the doorway. Moments later I heard Denny coming down the hall whispering, "Nolan, where are you?...Nolan, where are you?" Soon the latrine door opened hesitantly, a head slowly appeared, and Denny whispered in a squeaky falsetto voice, "Nolan, are you in here?" I eased my arm around the concrete column and right up to Denny's ear. The Foamy shaving cream shot from the can with a loud hissing sound and instantly created a new abominable snowman of Greenland. I'm sure that Denny's heart was never the same after this.

Wary Denny
Opens door
Foamy fired
Even score

...Burma Shave

(Nolan Bailey - 17th TCS Pilot)

Note: Gillette may have sold a zillion cans of Foamy to Firebird crews over the years. Quite a few of the younger crew members got up in the morning to find shaving cream in their shoes, house slippers, shaving kits, etc.