Rock Candy



Over the years, the Firebirds made good friends with many of the Danish civilians who worked on Sondrestrom Air Base in Greenland. Kye Bagaard was one such friend. Kye was an older gentleman and ran the carpentry and lapidary sections of the Sondrestrom hobby shop. Firebirds Bruce Huff and Billy Hales spent at lot of time in the hobby shop and Kye was always extremely helpful. Bruce and Billy would bring items that he needed and he, in return, would make things for them. In particular, Billy Hales and Kye became very good friends and had a close working relationship. However, one day Bill decided that he would play a trick on the Dane. Bill got some of the rock candy on base that looked exactly like small stones. He went to Kye, showed him the candy stones, told him that they were extremely valuable, and asked that the Dane take great care when he put them in the lapidary machine. He cautioned Kye that he should make sure that they didn't get lost. He old Dane replied with O.K., O.K, and put the stones in the machine.

When the machine was turned on, of course the candy stones dissolved while in the lapidary. The next morning Billy returned to the hobby shop to check on his valuable stones. He asked for the rocks and was chuckling to himself because he knew that they wouldn't be found. Sure enough, when Kye checked the machine the stones weren't to be found anywhere. He just couldn't understand what happened to Billy's rocks. Billy then began to accuse Kye of stealing his valuable stones. Kye replied with "No, I no steal your rocks." Billy said "Well, if you didn't steal them yourself, then you must have let someone else steal them when you weren't watching." Kye was really taken in by this prank and began to apologize for not being more careful with his friend's valuable rocks. He just couldn't understand what had happened.

Billy then reached in his pocket and took out four or five more of the "candy" stones and told the Dane "These are all that I have left, so please take better care of them this time." Kye responded, "I'll watch them and nobody will get them. I'll be careful with these."

Then, Billy turned around and walked around ten feet toward the door, hesitated, turned around, and said "Wait a minute, let me see those rocks again." Kye held them out in his hand, Billy took one, put it in his mouth and began to chew it. Then the old Dane looked at Billy, didn't say a word for about a minute, and said in his Danish accent, " Jew sonuya beech." He knew that he had been had. (As told by Bruce Huff)


The Firebird Navy

Major Rod Fauser was assigned to the Alaskan Air Command, but flew with the Firebirds as a navigator. With time on their hands at Sondrestrom, Major Rod and flight engineer Ernie Scott decided that they would build themselves a boat. They purchased some plans, and meticulously went over them so that no mistake was to be made. Materials were gathered together and the boat slowly materialized in Mr. Kye Bagaard's hobby shop. Then, after hours and hours of work, the time came to liberate the boat from the hobby shop. Lo and behold, after all of the planning, the boat was larger than the doors to the shop. As a result, Major Rod and Ernie had to take the rear wall down to get the boat out of the hobby shop. Later, when some Firebirds came over to inspect the nautical project, they found Kye all perturbed. The old man was really fussing and fuming and asked "Who's this Major Fad Rowzur? In his anxiety, he scrambled the first and last names. Everyone really got a chuckle out of this most appropriate fah paux. As has been said, "The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray." (As told by Bruce Huff)



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