In Alaska, Firebird crews were called to remote radar sites at all times of the day and night. On one occasion, a crew was called to a site and had to partake of government cuisine while there. It was a big day at the site; steak was on the menu. The Firebird navigator, Lin Dove, a lean, lanky, and easygoing Texan, the original quiet man who always wore a shoulder holster and appropriate "hog leg" in Alaska, and who was always starving, requested a second steak. The airman working behind the counter said, "Sir, we are allowed to serve only one steak per individual." The "long tall Texan" patted his big Smith & Wesson revolver and said, "I believe I said I'll have another one of those steaks." The airman responded, "Yes, Sir!" Kerplop! Another steak hit the plate. (As related to Nolan Bailey circa 1966.)