The Firebird crew was enroute to Sondrestrom, Greenland, from Dyess AFB, late at night. As the C-130 approached the vicinity of Stewart AFB, New York, a radio transmission from a fighter pilot was intercepted. His voice was labored as he spoke to New York Center due to his oxygen system being on the forced breathing mode. It was obvious that this fighter jock was weary, very uncomfortable, and ready to call it a night. Knowing that the fighter pilot was monitoring the frequency, the Firebird aircraft commander mischievously mashed his microphone button and spoke as if he were talking on the C-130's intercom system, "Loadmaster, would you bring me a hot cup of coffee and a doughnut?" There was a long pause, and then the fighter driver keyed his mike and muttered, "You sonofa bitch!" Score another one for the many motor drivers of the Air Force. (As related to Nolan Bailey circa 1963)