Food and Drink


Hospitality Room

The Firebird Command Post, the Barron’s Creek Convention Center, will also serve as the Hospitality Suite. The hospitality room was such a hit at the 1998 reunion that it has become a permanent attraction. It will be stocked with beer, soft drinks, mixers, various alcoholic beverages, and "munchies" or snacks. Hope to have a frozen margarita machine, too.  Just let us know what you prefer as a mixer. The hours of the hospitality room depend upon our finding volunteers who are willing to supervise its operation.

The hospitality suite and registration desk will open at approximately 1200 hours on Monday, April 25th, 2016. Later in the afternoon or early evening (approximately 1700 hours) it is anticipated that the "Early Birds" will be treated to deli trays, hors d'oeuvres, or other such light snacks. This will allow those who would prefer to rest and visit to remain in the hotel and partake of food and drink.


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