C-130D Specifications - weight, wingspan, length, horsepower, etc.

  History of the Hercules Ski Model

  C-130D Departs Dye Site - Hercules using JATO for takeoff. (05-18-96)

  C-130D Photos & History - Who, what, why, and when plus photos (Oct. 14, 1996)

  C-130D & D-6 Photo Album - Alaska, Greenland, Antarctica (61st and 17th TCS) (May 16, 1999)

  Mounting JATO Bottles at Sondrestrom Air Base Photos taken by Bill Heaphy during the late 1970s. (August 2007)

Project Slide: USAF C-130 Ski Tests - by Kent A. Mitchell, AAHS Journal , Winter 1998. (July 2, 2001)

C-130 Ski Model Prototype Courtesy of Phil Collins, Firebird Aircraft Commander at Dyess AFB.