Congratulations on a marvelous site. Your site has much to recommend it, and I would also like to dedicate the STAVANGER 5 STAR AWARD to those men, who gallanty served their country during World War II and the Vietnam era as members of the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron, and later as the 17th Tactical Airlift Squadron.

My father served his country in the Royal Norwegian Navy during World War II. I would like to honor those who sacrificed their lives in a fight which in the end ensured freedom in Europe. And, I would like to salute all those who risked their life in doing the best that they could.

The image of the award is "The woman pushing the lance behind her, or away from her, and holding the laurel wreath up and before her. This is meant to symbolize putting war and hatred behind, and going forward and upward toward peace and love, and offering it to others."

The award is designed by Mrs. Sondra Seeger, a signature member of the National Society of Artist and the Oil Pastelist of America. Mrs. Seeger has also been included in more than a half-dozen editions of Marguis` Who`s Who over the last three years.

Michael Holmboe Meyer

Sun, 04 Aug 1996


" I do not believe that we can put into anyone ideas which are not in him already. " - Albert Schweitzer


WOW!! What a really neat page...Congratulations, your site has received my award!

Thanks for allowing me to visit your site!


September 1, 1996





You have a very interesting site and are now the proud recipient of the 'Golden Leaf' award. Hang it in your trophy room.

It must have taken quite some time to gather all the information necessary for the creation of your site.


September 12, 1996



Well, congrats...I served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 5 years, and am proud to give you an award. You have a lot of info, and I found it really interesting... must be a full time job for ya...

Albainn Gu Brath Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (PL)

Cpl. S. Reed
Recon Pl.

September 12, 1996



For you, your site, and all who served....

September 15, 1996

Congratulations... You've just won the DXP Golden Link award.


September 15, 1996

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