The 109th Tactical Airlift Wing
New York Air National Guard
Stratton ANG Base
1 Air National Guard Road
Scotia, NY 12302-9752
(518) 344-2300


139th Airlift Squadron

All of the Lockheed Hercules C-130D aircraft were transferred from the 17th Tactical Airlift Squadron to the 109th Tactical Airlift Group (109th TAG), New York Air National Guard, Schenectady County Airport, in June and July of 1975.


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bl14  Top to Bottom - Code One magazine 3rd Quarter 2003 (December 22, 2003)

bl14  Recipe for Pickled Raven Eggs - Courtesy of William H. Pickney, 109th NYANG

bl14  Raven on the ‘Cap – (Airman magazine, November 1976.  Courtesy of Firebird Paul Smith.)

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bl14  Deep Freeze members help commemorate Scott 50th anniversary - (August 2, 2007)    



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